Tattoo Inks

Waverly Color Company is one of the oldest and most well respected tattoo ink companies in the US. We worked together to perfect these specific 7 colors, so that it could be sold as a set. The most important component is that there are no plastics or carcinogens added to the colors. The line is pure pigment. 

Their pigments require no modifiers to get the shade you require and do not fade to another hue years after application. Combine this with the fact that the entire line is vegan safe, soy and nut product free, and cruelty free means that you can rest assured it will be suitable for every client that walks through your door. This stunning color line is "smudge true", soft natural skin tones designed from the Fitzpatrick scale.

Healed results are stunning.

Qty: 7
Product Dimensions: 4 3/4" bottle with cap 
Included Colors: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Beige, Basic Red, Pink, White and (1) bottle of Juice 

(Waverly's own proprietary blend for the mixing & thinning of pigment. This is good to use if you need to wet a bottle down or if you prefer your pigment a little thinner than the consistency at which it comes. Juice can also be used for a consistent and clean means of making washes.)

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