Medical Areola Tattooing (Mini Class)

Diagnosing case studies of different mastectomy surgery types to create a balanced tattoo

Thank you for your interest in this mini course. As a medical tattooist primarily on post mastectomy patients, I focus on all of the components necessary to restore natural beauty. This mini class is designed to help you to understand the types of surgeries completed on patients before we see them for a tattoo procedure. It is helpful to understand the entire process the patient experiences to correctly analyze the canvas. I have been completing these procedures for over 15 years and I continue to learn from my patients and have the utmost in respect for their journey.

Remember, it is not only about the tattoo, complete restoration encompasses so much more.

Your Instructor

Jeanine McTasney
Jeanine McTasney

I am a medical Tattooist post mastectomy. I focus on all the components necessary to restore natural beauty. There is not a "New Normal" component that I follow. True restoration focuses on the canvas we are presented. Scaring, camouflage, radiation, radiation tattoos, chemotherapy port scar, and restoration of the breast area post mastectomy. I also focus on learning. Educational materials for the consultation and the treatment phase of your procedure. Shop at my website, Online classes (you are here). Join me on this creative journey. We can restore natural beauty with education and integrity, It's all about the patients journey and I am honored to be part of it.

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