Fitzpatrick Color Quiz

The Fitzpatrick Scale is the most widely accepted skin typing method used today. This rating system of types 1 through 6, measures the amount of pigment in the skin and the tolerance to the sun. Founded in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, the Fitzpatrick scale is used in Dermatology and the Cosmetic Industry. The FDA has even adopted this classification for evaluating the SPF values of sunscreens. 

There are two main factors that influence skin type; genetic disposition and reaction to sun exposure and tanning beds. Take Fitzpatrick’s quiz used by Dermatologists below to find out what your Fitzpatrick Skin Type is.


Instructions: Each answer has a numerical value next to it. Choose one answer to each question and add up the numbers associated with your responses. Scoring is available at the end of the quiz. 

What color are your eyes?

0 - Light blue, gray, green

1- Blue, gray, or green

2 - Blue

3 - Dark Brown

4 - Brownish Black

What is the natural color of your hair?

0 - Sandy red

1 - Blonde

2 - Chestnut/ Dark Blonde

3 - Dark brown

4 - Black

What color is your skin (unexposed areas)?

0 - Reddish

1 - Very Pale

2 - Pale with a beige tint

3 - Light brown

4 - Dark brown

Do you have freckles on unexposed areas?

0 - Many

1 - Several

2 - Few

3 - Incidental 

4 - None

What happens when you stay too long in the sun?

0 - Painful redness, blistering, peeling

1 - Blistering followed by peeling

2 - Burns sometimes followed by peeling

3 - Rare burns

4 - Never had burns

To what degree do you turn brown?

0 - Hardly or not at all

1 - Light color tan

2 - Reasonable tan

3 - Tan very easily

4 - Turn dark brown quickly

Do you turn brown with several hours of sun exposure?

0 - Never 

1 - Seldom

2 - Sometimes

3 - Often

4 - Always

How does your face react to the sun?

0 - Very sensitive

1 - Sensitive

2 - Normal

3 - Very resistant

4 - Never had a problem

When did you last expose your body to the sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)?

1 - More than 3 months ago

2 - 2-3 months ago

3 - 12 months ago

4 - Less than a month ago

5 - Less than 2 weeks ago

Do you expose your face to the sun? (for the purpose of this quiz we have changed this question from the original: Did you expose the area to be treated to the sun?)

1 - Never

2 - Hardly ever

3 - Sometimes

4 - Often

5 - Always

Total up your points and match your score below to find your skin type. 


0-7 = Type I

8-16 = Type II

17-25 = Type III

25-30 = Type IV

Over 30 = Type V-VI 


Type I - White skin color, blonde hair, and green eyes, always burns in the sun, has freckles. Common ethnic background: English, Scottish.

Type II - White skin color, blonde hair, and green/blue eyes, always burns, has freckles and is difficult to tan. Common ethnic background: Northern European.

Type III - White skin color, blonde/ brown hair, blue/brown eyes, tans after several burns, and may freckle. Common ethnic background: German.

Type IV - Brown skin color, brown hair, and brown eyes, tans more than average, rarely burns, and rarely freckles. Common ethnic background: Mediterranean, Southern European, Hispanic.

Type V - Dark brown skin color, brown/black hair with brown eyes. Tans with ease, rarely burns, and no freckles. Common ethnic background: Asian, Indian, some African

Type VI - Black skin color, black hair, and brown/black eyes. Tans, never burns, deeply pigmented, and never freckles. Common ethnic background: African.